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Lorena – Young Manager

Lorena Young Manager Adult ScreensaverHaven’t you dreamed of some kind of erotic distraction during boring and tedious working hours in the office? You certainly have!

Well, isn’t that awesome when a young and hot manager comes around and starts dancing and taking her clothes off just for you? You are no longer bored. You are alive on you feet again!

Dreams come true! As dream girl Lorena is going to fix that all in her stripshow Young Manager.

You are lucky, as this sexy Spanish babe will strip and dance right on your desktop. After all, you have been a good boy, haven’t you?

So don’t hesitate to download the new free Lorena screensaver and stripsaver. Spice up your office time!

Lorena Manager Stripping

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Lorena – Sangria

Free Lorena Sangria Adult ScreensaverSangria is a Spanish word that means “bloody”. It’s the name of a punch consisting of red wine with some sliced fruit and sweeteners added. It also names one of the most stunning virtual stripping performances.

Please meet Lorena, a rising stripping star from Spain. This young hottie was born and grew up in a rural area but she always craved for big city lights and fame.

Now she has become one of the top strippers in many famous European clubs.

Dressed in a provoking bloody red dress and sexy underwear, beautiful Lorena will surely make a kind of alcoholic effect upon you with her extraordinary dancing and stripping.

You will find her really sweet and spicy as Spanish sangria.

No doubt, this girl will become your favorite. Just download and install Lorena’s free adult screensaver and desktop stripsaver.

Lorena Sangria Sexy Stripping

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